An Age of Endless Storms


The characters were drawn to an inn, located near Melvaunt, a town in Thar. While there, a group of bandits decided to give the innkeeper trouble. Unfortunately, they got more than they bargained for when five of the patrons started fighting back. After the bandits were defeated, a mysterious drow named Quinn approached the characters and offered to pay for their services as a group. The band agreed, somewhat reluctantly however, to work for Quinn and his order “The Vigil”. Quinn leads the players to a store that is used as a front for the Vigil’s work in Melvaunt. Using a ritual, Quinn creates a portal to an area that Quinn needs cleared of a “pest” problem. When the adventurers arrive, the portal becomes unstable and collapses, leaving the adventurers to fight their way out of a dungeon through hordes of kobolds. The adventurers finally work their way through the last group of kobolds, but they hear a noise of in a side room. Inside this side room, a kobold mage is stuffing papers from its desk into a fire. The players are able to pull one of the papers out of the fire before it is completely consumed by the flames. After some trouble with the Vigil gaurds, who were stationed to keep the kobolds from getting out, the adventurers meet up with Quinn again. This time, Quinn has a new hire with him: the minotaur priest Burundol. Quinnn sends the new adventuring party of 6 out to clear a sunken ruin, which has been inhabited by kobolds. These kobolds have been getting more aggressive as of late, with rumors spreading that they are being directed by a dragonborn by the name of Xeraqeth. The adventurers set off, unaware of what lies in store…

The sunken ruins contain many dangers and while the kobolds are more aggressive than is normal for their race, that turns out to be one of the more normal occurrences within these ruins.
The party stumbles upon a lone gnoll, a race which are notorious for being in packs. Not only that, but the adventurers encounter a… “friend” by the name of Nolan Vross. Vross, as Torrin remembers, was arrested by the Vigil for murdering his wife and child. He had escaped about a week prior to the adventurer’s arrival to the Vigil outpost. However, after trying to coax information out of Vross, the adventurers are starting to question if he really did commit those crimes he was accused of… The most disturbing bit of information is what has been “chasing” Vross in his mind. To help solve these puzzles, our party delves deeper into the filth. These ruins have been filled with secrets but none are so intriguing as Vross’ final message of warning to the party, written in his own blood…
“Beware the one whom is friend/ their secrets buried deep/ pawns unwittingly obey/ their secrets they will keep/ sdf/ fhrh/ an Age of Endless Storms will come/ destruction, Chaos untold.”
which is accompanied by another message:
The motionless body of Nolan Vross lays on the floor, his eyes torn out to use as his medium to write with.
Continuing on to try to find more answers, the party encounters a dragon, possibly whose services are to guard the doors behind him. After an intense battle, the adventurers finally take a rest. This rest is short-lived. Animal-like screeching accompanied with swearing in draconic echo from the next room. Ling peeks through the door to see a creature made seemingly from bone rush out and fell two kobolds with one attack. The party bursts through the door, only to see a dragonborn figure rush out of the room on an upper ledge. This dragonborn, they can only assume, is Xeraqeth. After an intense battle with Xeraqeth’s soldiers and this new enemy, the party notices a frightening detail: a head from a the same species as the other bone creature lays on the ground. But this head stands as tall as the halfling.
Quinn didn’t explain that this was part of their mission. The adventurers have answered some questions, but they have brought up many more….


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